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Music Therapy

Music therapy is to use music with the aim of reaching treatment goals such as improving, maintaining, and furthering mental and physical health. With music therapy, we can attend to physical, emotional psychological, and spiritual conflicts of patients. These goals are what set music therapy apart from music itself.

The results of music therapy are as follows:

  • physical health improvements (developing a wide number of fine and gross motor skills, body fitness, coordination, etc…)
  • speech improvements (using words correctly, remembering words, easing the treatment of stuttering, etc…)
  • improvements in mental-cognitive skills (recognizing colors and animals, increasing spatial perception skills, language comprehension, timing of movements, improving short and long term memory, improving attention and focus, etc…)
  • Behavior modification (decreasing aggression, increasing self-confidence, easing social interactions, organizing and controlling hyperactivity)

Many years of experience with music therapy in Roshd Development Rehabilitation Center, it can be said that any child with any amount of capability is able to participate in activities related to music.

Children's excitement and passion for attending music classes at Roshd made us bring together a collection of the poems sang by kids here at the center on a CD, which has been made available to the kids and their guardians.

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